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Evolutionary Biologist
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My name is Britta Meyer and I am an evolutionary biologist. My main interest is in the field of biodiversity research and evolution applying methods from phylogenetics, molecular evolution, population genomics and epigenomics. At the university of Hamburg I started my studies in zoology, biochemistry and conservation. Here I listed some of my professional steps afterwards. If you would like to get my full CV, please drop me a mail.

  • 2007-2008

    Diploma thesis

    Zoology, University of Hamburg
    and the Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW), Berlin, Germany

    Genetic variability (MHC and mitochondrial D-Loop) and parasite burden of a neotropical rodent (Euryoryzomys russatus Wagner, 1848) in two fragments of the Atlantic Forest, Brazil

  • 2008

    Research Assistant

    FTZ, Research and Technology Centre, University of Kiel, Büsum, Germany

    Working on research vessels - "Seabirds at Sea" on Baltic and North Sea

  • 2009-2014

    Doctoral thesis

    Salzburger Lab, Evolutionary Biology,
    University of Basel, Switzerland:

    A multi-marker perspective on the evolutionary history of East African cichlid fishes

  • 2010


    Evomics, Molecular Evolution Workshop, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

  • 2010


    Organization of Cichlid Science Meeting

  • 2015


    Evomics, Molecular Evolution Workshop, Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

  • 2016 and 2018


  • 2014-2018

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany


  • 2018-now

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Max Planck Insitute for Evoultionary Biology, Liedvogel Lab, Germany

    Transgenerational Epigenetics in Common Terns more details

  • Wissenschaftspreis Norddeutschland

    Third Prize

    My project with Sandra Bouwhuis and Miriam Liedvogel won the third prize for Northern German Science collaborations for our work on "Transgenerational Epigenetics in Common Terns"

    more details

  • To be


My main research interests are to investigate (molecular) evolution and adaptation processes, underlying the biodiversity. Therefore I use techniques such as phylogenies and population (epi)genomics. My model system have been mammals, fishes and birds. My newest research topic is to investigate transgenerational epigenetics in common terns to understand observed parental age effects. Further I am involved in the fieldwork and population genomics of island blackcap populations to investigate the evolution of migratory and resident phenotypes.
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Cichlid Research

Phylogenies, Biogeography

Stickleback Research

Local adaptation, genomics

Common Tern Research

Transgenerational epigenetics, ageing

Blackcap migration Research

Blackcap migration


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My Collaborators

Thanks to the here listed co-authors, influential colleagues and friends.

Miriam Liedvogel


Supervisor, Transgenerational Epigenetics & Blackcap Work

Sandra Bouwhuis


Co-Supervisor, Transgenerational Epigenetics

Thorsten Reusch


Supervisor, BAMBI-Project, Population (Epi)genomics

Christophe Eizaguirre


Population (Epi)genomics, BAMBI-Project, Co-Author

Melanie Heckwolf


Transgenerational (epigenetics) effects, BAMBI-Project, Co-Author

Konstantinos Sagonas


Epigenetics and parasites, Co-Author

Walter Salzburger


Doctoral Thesis Supervisor

Adrian Indermaur


Phylogeography, Co-Author

Michael Matschiner


Phylogenies, Co-Author

Emilia Santos


Evo-Devo, Co-Author

Emiliano Trucchi


Epigenetics, Colleague from Evomics Workshops

Joost Raeymaekers


MHC-Diversity, Co-Author

Frédéric Chain

UMASS, Lowell, MA, USA

Methylation & Copy Number Variation & Novel Genes

Alice Balard

Humboldt University Berlin (HU), Germany

Methylation & Parasites

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